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What Do I Need To File?

What do you need for 2022?


You may be receiving 1 or 2 forms from the IRS this year i. please bring them into the office if you do not want your refund held up! IRS will mail letters on January 19, 2022. 

  • Letter #6475 will tell us what you received in 2021 Stimulus Money

  • Letter 6419 will tell us what you received in 2021 Advanced Child Tax Credit

You must have these in order to file you 2021 Tax Return.


If you were to guess these figures and they were wrong your refund can be held up for approximately 12 months!

There are people who have still not received their 2020 Tax Refunds.

Another Action that you as a payer can do is to set up an account with the IRS so that you can check on issues personally, especially regarding these letters.

What Is required by the IRS?

1) Valid ID (cannot be expired) Taxpayer & spouse ID if applicable

2)Social Security Cards or numbers for you and all of your dependents

3) All W2 & 1099 Forms for all employers in 2020. This includes other income such as unemployment 1099G, Paypal, Etsy, onlyfans, rent received, investment income from Robinhood or other investment apps, etc.

4) If filing Head of Household, Proof of Head of Household must be sent (lease, electric bill, gas bill, 1098 INt Morgage Int Statement)

5) Student Education Credit (Form 1098T or school receipt must be submitted If applicable)

6) Proof of residency for your dependents (If applicable. Your dependents must have lived in the home with you for a minimum of 6 months of 2020 to be eligible to be claimed as your dependent and you must have provided atleas 51% of their support. Documents must state the year 2020 and lists yourself and your dependents living at the same address. Acceptable forms of proof are: 2020 lease agreement listing all of your dependents as occupants, Health Insurance or Medical Records listing 2020 and your address, School Records listing 2020 and your address, birth certificates to prove relationship if you're the parent).

7) If you are claiming a business proof of your business must also be submitted (accounting record, business card, Facebook business profile print out, flyer, appointment calendar, etc)

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